Leatherhood – the dominion of Lady Amber

A highly experienced and proficient Dominatrix, Leatherhood is the dominion of Lady Amber, dedicated to her passion and love for all things leather.

Tight bondage, restraint, smothering, you can never feel too close to the smell, the feel of real leather.

Offering a range of services for the discerning BDSM enthusiast, from breath play to confinement to OTK all wrapped in the cocoon of an experience with a true leather Mistress.

Lady Amber enjoys the pleasure of working with other Mistresses and often accommodates visitors to her Kent retreat, Notifications of who's coming can be found on the Visitors section of this site along with opportunities for sessions and occasional filming.

Lady Amber offers NO SEXUAL SERVICES whatsoever and any attempted conversation on the subject shall be not be tolerated.

You are expected to be polite, respectful and coherent at all times. Complete the Booking form completely and with all the required information provided. This is the quickest way to ensure your enquiry is expediently dealt with.


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